Welcome to the world of treasure hunting –

Whether you are considering your first venture into treasure hunting, or you’re a seasoned pro looking for the latest technology, pay close attention because a lot has changed in just the last few years. Our rapid pace of technological innovation is turning old hunted-out sites into fertile hunting grounds and improving the odds of great finds for more people than ever.

While the virtues of practice and developed skill can never be underestimated, beginners and intermediate users can now get more than ever out of the hobby — more because more power, more features, and more new technologies are now available in every type of metal detector we manufacture.

Our team of engineers decided five years ago to break with convention and redefine the state of the art in metal detectors. You will find the result of that endeavor today in many forms, including the industry’s best ergonomics, great user interfaces, and revolutionary advances in target separation capability. Join the treasure hunt today! If you need advice or have any questions, please contact us direct or visit your local dealer. Share photos and stories of your finds with us; we would love to feature them in upcoming issues.

Happy Hunting,

Tom Walsh
Fisher Research Labs


This is the official YouTube channel for IMPULSE SERIES, here you can find tips for use, technological information, comparative tests …

LASTED VIDEO UPDATE :     01 – 19 – 2020

This is the official FISHER YouTube channel.


Joe is a seasoned enthusiast, famous on the forums for his experience. One of the first IMPULSE AQ processors.

LASTED VIDEO UPDATE :     06 – 26 – 2020

Here is the new YouTube channel of the famous beachcomber « Le Jag », very well known on the forums for his exceptional knowledge of pulse induction metal detectors since the introduction of the first models from Eric Foster.

LASTED VIDEO UPDATE :     06 – 14 – 2020

« The Nuggets team », DETECTMAN is passionate about gold nuggets, he divides his time between France and Africa in search of native gold. He also practices beachcombing.



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