In recent years, all metal detectors in the world have been competing for minimum recovery speed with varying degrees of success. The tests performed by our industry competitors are often demonstrated on high conductors: coins in bronze or silver.

We are all convinced that it is interesting to find coins, but it is better to concentrate and find gold.

The IMPULSE Series is equipped with ZTS® technology; the latter focuses on low conductors such as gold.

The ZTS® system eliminates the need for recovery speed.

We do not detect next to iron but in the iron and under the iron !

At the beach, in a polluted zone (rip currents zone), this technology allows to find up to 30%* more targets mixed with ferrous.

The ZTS® system is effective in TONE or MUTE mode, unlikecompetitive detectors the loss of sensitivity is minimal compared to ALL-METAL mode.

* Recovered from 450 holes in TONE MODE in beach rip currents polluted area.